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Be ready for a Captain Obvious moment… Increases in positive emotions leads to better well-being. If you are thinking “duh,” then we are thinking the same!

When I first started reading about Positive Psychology, I wondered how on earth this is a model of therapy. …

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Character Strengths

If you have never heard of Positive Psychology, then listen up! This is not a toxic method of dismissing your negative symptoms. Positive Psychology just wants to ALSO assess your character strengths.

Character strengths? Basically, the idea is that if you are not utilizing…

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Positive Psychology was created to help clients focus on their strengths, while alleviating their struggles. When you consider counselling, you likely think about discussing your issues, concerns and tackling problems.

Positive Psychology therapists and counsellors aim to help people flourish even after their symptoms of pain…

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Self-care for healthcare workers is more important now than ever, but its the same for everyone else!

Self-care comes in so many forms and one size does not fit all.

The following list has multiple suggestions of self-care, some suitable for COVID restrictions and others…

5 Ways to Use SMART Goals

Just to clarify, SMART goals do not mean your current goals are dumb! SMART is an acronym for a method to help you reach whatever changes you want to implement in your life. What does each letter stand for? Specific MeasurableAttainable Relevant Timely.

There is some diversity to the settings…

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a counselling term that has been growing in popularity and for good reason.

When I experienced a workplace “mental health injury,” CBT was one of the treatment methods that helped me get back on my feet and actually…

Another Chapter

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